TeleAdapt launches a universal mobile phone battery charging solution

Sun 9th Oct 2005

TeleAdapt introduces the AnyFill锟? a desktop mobile phone speed charger.

The AnyFill锟?enables people desperately in need to use their mobile phone, to charge their battery within minutes.

It charges the battery with over 1-hour talk time and approximately 40 hours of standby time, in just 20 minutes. It is compatible with over 95% of mobile phones on the market today, so travellers no longer need to worry about breaking, losing or forgetting their mobile phone charger while on the move.

With its automatic recognition scanning capability, this unique, simple and easy to use desktop device replaces the standard mobile phone charger and removes the stress from trying to find the right charger for a specific mobile phone.

Gordon Brown, TeleAdapt鐤?CEO claims that 楫卙e AnyFill锟?is a great product. Phone chargers are currently one of the most commonly forgotten item when travelling. With the AnyFill锟? travellers are able to charge their mobile phone within minutes, whatever phone they have. The AnyFill锟?product has great potential and we expect it to be a huge success.锟?br />
The AnyFill锟?is now being deployed internationally with increased demand from hotels such as Sheraton and airline lounges, including Virgin Atlantic.

For more information on the AnyFill Charger, pleased visit our website at


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