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Q. How can guests use their new Apple iPhone 5 with MediaHub?
A. The new Apple iPhone 5 features a new 8-pin dock connector called the Lightning Connector. Information released so far regarding this dock connector reports that it will support power charging, data synching and audio-out. At the time of release, video-out will not be supported through this dock; however, according to recent reports, the iPhone 5 will soon support video-out through an HDMI adapter.
MediaHub is fully compatible with the new Apple iPhone 5 in many of the same ways as all other iDevices. Guests can use MediaHub to play music through the TV speakers from their iPhone 5 through the TV using the Mini Stereo Jack.
MediaHub will also charge the iPhone 5 using the USB port.
Q. Can guests use MediaHub to play their other iDevices?
A. Yes, MediaHub is fully compatible with Apple iDevices, including iPod®, iPhone® and iPad®. Hotel guests can use MediaHub to play music and/or video from their iDevices through the TV using the Composite A/V input, HDMI input or Mini Stereo Jack. The USB port will also charge their iDevices.
To play music: iDevice to Mini Stereo Jack
To play music or video: iDevice to Composite A/V
To play music or video: iDevice to HDMI (using Apple HDMI Adapter)
To charge: iDevice to USB
Select MediaHub TL panels also have a dedicated iPod port which plays music and videos from an iDevice through the in-room TV using TeleAdapt's iPod cable.
Q. Can multiple electronics be connected to the MediaHub at once?
A, All MediaHub models allow multiple devices to be connected to the panel at once. MediaHub SL+ and each model of the MediaHub TL range will auto-sense when a guest plugs in and will automatically switch the TV to play content from the most recently populated port.
Q. What if my guests do not have the right cables to use the MediaHub?
A. For hotels interested in providing audio/video cables for their guests, TeleAdapt offers a range of ConnectKits and individually wrapped cables that are perfect for sales through the gift show, mini bar or for rental through the concierge.
Q. What is the difference between auto-sensing and auto-switching?
A. Auto-sensing is a built-in feature of the MediaHub TL range and MediaHub SL+ that will allow MediaHub to automatically detect when a device has been plugged into a socket. The socket identified as “in use” will begin to play content to the TV.
Auto-switching is the automatic switching of the TV input away from regular programming (tuner mode) to MediaHub panel audio/video (MediaHub mode). Switching of this nature requires a serial or CEC connection to the TV. TeleAdapt has engineered their MediaHub TL range to integrate this feature with hospitality's top TV brands and VOD providers. Contact your local TeleAdapt sales representative for a list of model-specific integrated TVs and interactive systems.
MediaHub SL (TA-8800) is a strictly passive model and does not support auto-sensing or auto-switching.
Q. What TVs or VODs offer auto-switching function?
A. Currently, MediaHub SL+ and the entire MediaHub TL range offer auto-switching with the following regional hospitality TV/STB brands:
Americas – Panasonic, Samsung, LG, Enseo STB, LodgeNet Interactive System, and Guest-Tek Interactive System
Europe/MEA/APAC– Samsung, LG, Philips
Brand models may vary. Please contact your local sales representative for model-specific integration.
Q. Can I install MediaHub with other TVs or Interactive systems?
A. Yes, MediaHub can be installed with any hospitality TV or Interactive STB with the necessary installation ports available. MediaHub SL requires a Composite A/V, VGA with paired audio and HDMI connection to the TV. MediaHub TL panels require just one HDMI connection to the TV.
How can I mount MediaHub?
Most MediaHub models can be mounted flush in casegoods or millwork. MediaHub TLiX has a hard-wired version that is designed for in-wall installations. Desktop models are also available. See our Multi-Media webpage for information on these models.
Mounting brackets for securing desktop models on tabletops, under-desks or in drywall. See our Mounting Options page for more information.
Q. How long are the installation cables that come with MediaHub?
A. All MediaHub models come equipped with 3-3.5meter installation cables. Other lengths are available, depending on MOQ. Contact your local sales representative.
What if I also need power and data outlets on the MediaHub?
MediaHub SL panels can be combined with the TA-7500L Power/Data Extender for both flush mount applications. The matching TA-7500 PowerHub can also be installed separately in the room. The product has UL certification for in-furniture installation only. Please see your local building code requirements if in-wall mounting is desired.
MediaHub TLiX includes extra guest-facing power outlets. MediaHub TLiX has a corded version for in-casegood installations as well as a hard-wired version that is designed for in-wall installations.
Q. How can I order just the extra power?
A. TeleAdapt offers the power/Internet-only portion of MediaHub Extender. This product is called PowerHub TA-7500. Or, for a desktop power solution TeleAdapt offers ChargePoint which provides addition power outlets and USB charging ports.
Q. Can I customize the style of the MediaHub to fit with my guestroom decor?
A. Yes, TeleAdapt MediaHub is the only connectivity panel in the hospitality industry that offers a range of trims and bezels to suit any guestroom design and décor. Contact your local sales represtative for color and finish options.
How can I provide my guests with instructions on how to use the MediaHub in my guestrooms?
A. TeleAdapt has already thought of the various ways to make it easy for you to tell your guests how to personalize their in-room entertainment experience. Choose between the following accessories/options:
Acrylic DeskCards™ - We offer a wide variety of acrylic DeskCards that are perfect for providing step-by-step instructions on how to use your MediaHub amenity.
Silkscreen the Bezel – For a small fee, hotels may silkscreen easy to understand instructions right onto the MediaHub bezel.
Guest Compendium/Room Binder – TeleAdapt offers templates with basic guest instructions that can be formatted to fit your compendium’s specifications.


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